The RNOZIS’s new song ! /The RNOZISの新曲!

和文は英文の下に続きます。(Followed by Japanese translation.)

The RNOZIS’s new song “Kowareta-yume-wo-ayashinagara (*literal translation;To comfort a broken dream)” is out.

This is the first new song for the first time in 29 years!

It is published on YouTube.

I would be happy if you could listen to it 🙂

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The RNOZIS:We want to bring the sound of the soul to the hearts of those who only know the created world.

It has been 29 years since the album “BRAIN” produced by Ryoichi Ishizuka and Go Yamazato, who have produced many top Japanese artists. Rock band The RNOZIS has finally restarted on the remake board!




*Produced by Tatsunari Yakabe
*Sound produce by Ryoichi Ishizuka
*Go Yamazato

Thank you, Google Translate!

(The RNOZIS public relations Matsumotomo Akiko is responsible for this report.)

【 The RNOZISの新曲 “壊れた夢をあやしながら”リリースしました 】

The RNOZISの新曲が完成しました❣





The RNOZIS|創られた現在(いま)の向こう側を知らなかった人たちの胸に魂の響きを届けたい│

日本のトップアーティストを数多くプロデュースしてきた石塚良一、山里剛の両氏によりプロデュースされたアルバム『BRAIN』から29年。ロックバンド、The RNOZISがついにリメイク盤にて再始動!






(文責・The RNOZIS 広報 : 松元亜紀子)


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